Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scam List

Personal list: This list contains the sites that have scammed me .Please be careful and don't join these sites

Updated on 4 dec 2009

1) Devilbux scam- waited for over 2 months no payout and no forum
2) Worldofbux scam- waited for 1 month no payout and see forum you will know
3) britishbux scam
4) betabux scam
5) bux2earn scam
6) Clickering.ic.cz scam - waited for 2 months
7) Honeybux scam
8) bux24 scam - waited for 25 days
9) ElitePTC scam
10) cash-truck scam
11) buxybux scam
12) clix4cash scam
13) euro7bux scam
14) fairybux scam
15) fastpaybux scam
16) buxmoney scam
17) invest4you scam
18) maximaptc scam
19) memobux scam
20) Replayptc scam
21) silverclick.eu scam
22) simplebux.co.cc scam
23) thunderbux scam
24) largebux scam
25) klimabux scam
26) Magic-money.tk scam paid me 2 times but admin went to italy and no ads and no payout from then. i lost my invested money in this site
27) sitgesbux scam
29) bestnewbux scam
30) dutchbux scam
31) edgebux scam
32) FoosballBux scam
33) irishbux scam
34) KINBUX scam
35) OrdinaryClicks scam
36) PinoyBux scam
37) SecurePayBux scam
38) SecurityPTC scam
39) Ukbux.net scam
40) Werbekonsul.de scam
41) bux3 scam
42) angelbux scam
43) uddoo scam waited for over 45 days
44) showbux scam no cashout button
45) RCbux scam waited for one month
46) rixbux scam waited for 35 days
47) Paid-bux.info scam script gone
48)Ilovebux.biz scam payment for upgraded members only
49) ganeconPTC scam
50) Filobux scam waited for 30 days
51) beanybux scam
52)Romeo-bux scam
53) FIREBUX scam Paid me for the 1st time but from second payment it became scam

I will update this list soon. if any one wants to add a site to this list you are welcome.post the site name in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

add bux3 and angelbux they too are scam from my experience

lionlabby said...

thanks added them to the list

Anonymous said...

Romeo-bux. I am waiting more than 2 month for 1$. I dont believe I will ever see them.
And it is similar to shortbux(1 month), nomincashout (50 days), alertpaybux.info, cash4clickingptc :(

lionlabby said...

thank you i have added romeo-bux as scam please tell me if you find more